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Below you will find our prices for the full day summer camp.  Also you'll see a list of some of the activities we do during camp.  The information provided here will also give you a better idea of what you need on a daily basis.  

As soon as you decide we are the Summer Camp for you and your child, simply click the Book Now button to reserve your spot 

When we started our Summer Camps years ago, we knew we could make life easier for our customers, offer a more affordable service that is an absolute need for parents, and provide a camp that kids love and look forward to coming to. Don't wait too long; it's as easy as clicking the register button and filling out the online form.   In a matter of a few moments your worries about being able to find and afford summer camp for your kids is over.   Rest assured that your kids are well taken care of from a staff that cares and is highly trained to provide the best experience of any Dundalk Summer Camp.

See you in July!

Some of our daily Themes

Amazing Race, Ancient Egypt, Animal Planet, Artful Antics, Best of the Best, “Camp Dundalk’s Got Talent”, Celebration of Nations, Challenge Week, Construction, Creative Campers, Dinosaurs, Disney, Emergency Services, Exploration, Famous Artists, Fear Factor, Fun and Fitness, Star wars and any more...


What they need on a daily basis at Summer Camp

1. Water Bottle (labeled with name).

2. A packed lunch and 2 snacks. 

3. A great attitude! :).

4. Loose fitting and comfortable clothing.

5. Runners are recommended for some outdoor activities (consider packing a pair).

6. We will have designated days where campers can bring in gaming devices.  (only designated days).

7. When campers need to bring extra things to camp..super soakers, nerf gun etc.   We will let parents know in advance.

8. Camp drop off starts at 9.00am and ends at 2:00 pm and campers should be picked up by this time. There is additional charge for early drop off at 8:30 to 9am.


We will handle the rest!!  (Wow, this is easy!)

Still not sure? 

Are your kids hesitant to try new things?   

Do they have trouble making new friends or being social?  

Have you ever dealt with bullying?

Do your kids spend WAY to much time playing video games?

Our staff is trained to overcome any challenge our campers may have. 

We encourage and motivate all campers to try new things, to grow, and experience everything camp offers.


Age-appropriate Groups: 

Each child will be placed in a group that will be age and ability appropriate for their level.


Our goal is to help each child grow as a person and have a great time doing it. Splitting the groups into their age means they will focus on games and development skills for their age.

Kids will have fun and learn the following

Our first goal is to have fun but our real agenda is to teach the children that come to the camp:

  • - Self Confidence
  • - Self Discipline 
  • - Self Control 
  • - Self Defense
  • - To Focus 
  • - Integrity
  • - Fitness
  • - Courtesy 


Summer Camp Dates 

» WEEK 1 at D-MAS-F  -  10th June

» WEEK 2 at D-MAS-F  -  17th June

» WEEK 3 at D-MAS-F  -  24th June

» WEEK 4 at D-MAS-F  -  31st June

» WEEK 5 at D-MAS-F  -  7th June

» WEEK 6 at D-MAS-F  -  14th June